Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Spain!

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Ruth Lorenzo would participate in the Spanish final...I've been a massive fan ever since she came 5th on The X Factor UK in 2008. The Spanish selection featured five very strong songs. The fans were torn between Ruth and Brequette... I was #TeamRuth although I still absolutely adored Más. Ruth's entry is entitled Dancing In The Rain. The performance she gave in that national final was superb. I'm in love with Ruth and her entry... An official video-clip was released on 14th March and features Italian dancer, Giuseppe Di Bella dancing with Ruth. The video-clip also includes underwater scenes. Additional English lyrics were also added so more people would understand the meaning of the song.

Ruth has already promised a memorable performance in Copenhagen. When Ruth was on The X Factor, she gave an amazing performance of Purple Rain - and she wants to create another amazing moment, similar to that. There's no denying it - Spain are my favourites this year. I'd love to see Ruth win... will she? There's a chance. I hope she manages to achieve top ten, at-least! Buena suerte, Ruth! ♥

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