Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Denmark!

Basim (Anis Basim Moujahid) won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on 8th March with Cliche Love Song. Denmark is this years' host nation and I predict they will make the top ten with no problems. Basim will perform at #23 in the running-order. I'm not a massive fan of the song. It's pleasant and very sweet although I do feel Denmark had more to offer...

Michael Rune feat Natascha Bessez came 2nd with Wanna Be Loved! This song is fantastic and it would have been one of my favourite songs in Copenhagen, if Denmark had selected it... I was so gutted when this didn't win! Oh well. I know her vocals weren't that strong but it's still awesome! I also liked Your Lies, by Rebekka Thornbech. "Cliche Love Song" will probably do really well in Copenhagen although I don't think Denmark will be hosts in 2015..

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