Friday, 8 November 2013

Switzerland: Recap on what's been submitted - PART 4!

Good evening everyone! I've taken a look at some more of the Swiss hopefuls...

  • Krystal Mills was training to become a hairdresser however after winning a karaoke contest, she decided to peruse music instead. She is trying her luck with Bang, Bang, Bang. I love it - and the BBC have even reported the news. The Cardiff born singer describes her style as "country and folky, with a bit of psychedelia thrown in".
  • From the UK to Finland - ARTO submits a weird track entitled Pysaehtyneet which translates to Crossroads. Hmmm, it has its charm I guess. 
  • A guy called Martin Kirchberge enters Yourope. He reminds me of Andrius Pojavis and the song has a really nice feel about it. It is a little cheesy though ^^
  • This is hilarious! Horst Blue and Melody Hookline have entered a song called The Ding Dong Eurosong. It features various past Eurovision song titles and I must admit, it's very catchy. 
  • Finally, here's a nice Italian song. La luce del cuore is sung by Colonna Nino. I wouldn't complain if this was to make the national final. 
Remember voting is open until 18th November! 

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