Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Serbia: Moje 3 wins the Barbara Dex award and announce their split!

The Barbara Dex award has been given to Moje 3, it's staying with the Balkans are Rona Nishlui won last year...

A total of  967 votes were cast in favour of Moje 3. Cezar from Romania came second, I think he should have won, and Moran Mazor from Israel came third. I liked their outfit in the national final, thought that was fun and it worked well, but it didn't work at all in Malmo - sorry girls! And they have also announced that they'll be splitting up, hopefully winning this award has nothing to do with that. Here's a full breakdown of this years results, I have no idea why Russia is there... ^^
  1. Serbia - 967 Votes
  2. Romania - 544 Votes
  3. Israel - 296 Votes
  4. Albania - 150 Votes
  5. Montenegro - 110 Votes
  6. Latvia - 79 Votes
  7. Macedonia - 65 Votes
  8. Sweden - 49 Votes
  9. Belarus - 45 Votes
  10. Russia - 41 Votes
I'll admit it, I voted for Cezar! 

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